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Time has not been on my side for a while now. Working and raising my two boys alone is hard and so I have let the website stay dormant. Hopefully, things are changing for the better, but while they are changing... I find myself asking for your help. I have a new job, but it has required me to move to another city. The move itself has put me into a financial bind. If you can find it in your heart to help me out, I have provided a link below to some great BBQ Recipes. The cookbook is in PDF format, so you can read it from any computer. You can download it immediately after your donation. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Great BBQ Recipes!

Alicia In A Small Town Cook Book

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more about Alicia Canington Growing up in a small town...
I grew up in a small town in Southwest Georgia, USA. Even though I have moved several times, I still always seemed to wind up in "Small Town USA". I decided to use this to my advantage and write about life in a small town. Thus, my blog is also named Alicia: in a small town.
Through the years I have also had several different hobbies... One of which is photography , which lead me to another, and that is designing t-shirts. While I was living up north, I also learned to crochet. I acquired and collected quite a few patterns and will share some of those with you later. For now... this is the beginning of "Alicia in a small town!"
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